Alcohol addiction sneaks up on you slowly. You may start off by being a social drinker or be the guy who comes home and unwinds with a glass of whiskey or a couple of beers. It numbs the senses; it lulls your frenetic mind. It becomes a problem when you find yourself needing that drink more than anything. A lot of people don’t think much about having a night cap or a couple of beers before bed but when you start needing it, that’s when you should think about finding another way to unwind, a good way to unwind is by joining a 7 day alcohol rehab program.

In heavy drinkers, alcohol causes the body to increase the production of hormones and brain chemicals that make you feel good like serotonin, dopamine, and epinephrine, when you stop drinking the body suddenly has to deal with abnormal levels of hormones and chemicals. You get sick because you’ve just forced your body to try and normalize itself or regulate the chemicals and hormone levels. While your brain tries to adapt to the change, your body gets sick and for a couple of days you vomit, have abnormal heart rhythms, get confused, become delirious and in worst cases, have seizures that may be lethal. This is what we know as withdrawal symptoms and they are brutal during the next 24 to 48 hours of an alcohol addiction treatment. The severity of these symptoms depends on the history of abuse and the overall health. Therefore, it is crucial to be enrolled into a 7 day alcohol detox as soon as possible.

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picture of alcoholWhat Is The Experience Of A 7-day Alcohol Rehabilitation Like?

Day one: The first six hours without alcohol can cause your body to react violently. You may feel nauseous, have stomach cramps and start to feel a little feverish.

Day two: If you make it through the night and you’ve actually managed to get some sleep, the next morning you will feel like you are coming down with a serious case of the flu or food poisoning. This is when your body really fights to get normal and your mind tells you how just one drink would help you to function.

Day three: Anxiety is at its peak and you probably are still vomiting and cannot even stand the smell of food. You might not have had a good night’s sleep and your shakes might have gotten worse.

Reaching The 3-day Milestone

People say the first three days are crucial. They say if you can make it through the first three days, the next days after that should be a bit easier, but this is not a universal truth or a scientific fact. Your anxiety may give way to paranoia and you might even start to have panic attacks. You might be sweating profusely at this point and you might be overcome by emotion and find yourself crying for no reason. Again, your body and brain are still confused and trying to get to a state of normal. Most alcohol treatment programs will keep you in a medical facility for the first three days. Unfortunately, alcohol rehab centers have become expensive and with the growing number of addicts and addictions, health insurance providers don’t pay for the 28 days of treatment plan like they used to a couple of years ago. So if this is a self-funded endeavor then you might find it easy to look at shorter treatment or going cold turkey at home. On day three you are closer to having some idea of what is the treatment is like – Torturous.

The Importance Of Finding Support

So assuming you are doing this on your own then at day four and five you need emotional therapy. This is the point where you have to look at those triggers that get you to reach for the bottle. The best thing to do is to find alcohol rehab near me. You might still be trying to figure out how you got to be an alcohol addiction in the first place. The professionals at the alcohol addiction centers may help you to vent or just help give you the reassurance that you are not alone.

Changing Old Patterns

Day six and seven of the alcohol addiction treatment should involve you changing your routine. The after work cocktails that turned into red wine binges need to stop. This is where you try to let people close to you know what you are doing to change your life. If you have people in your life who seem to like you better when you are drunk then maybe they are not the best people to have around you.

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Sobriety is a life-long journey, if you make it through a single day without a drop of alcohol, it’s a huge accomplishment and 1 week doing it on your own is no mean feat. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, a better life without the alcohol crutch holding you back from being all that you can be. Call our hotline number (855) 997-1492 to get started with our 7-day alcohol treatment program. If by any chance that you are interested in quitting marijuana addiction, then visit our marijuana addiction helpline page for the hotline.

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